Michael Roy Layne


Site-specific, architectonic in scale, and using materials appropriate to the setting, my environmental sculptures encourage people to interact with and respond to the physical environment in both personal and social ways. Trained as a landscape architect and researcher as well as an artist, many of my sculptural landscapes incorporate movement and place to spotlight the interconnection between nature and culture. Influenced by personally conducted research studies and field observations, my sculptural installations often employ aesthetically engineered solutions to ecological problems existing within the urban landscape. Critical to the success of my work, the individual client or whole community is always involved in the creative process, insuring that the final artwork not only protects and improves the natural and cultural systems present on the site but provides for continued community building opportunities of ritual and celebration.


Defined as environmental art, land art, or eco art, environmental sculpture is a site-specific artwork that includes landscape elements along with permanently-sites sculptural elements and often includes performances specially choreographed for the setting. Michael Roy Layne has created and installed over sixty environmental artworks to inspire environmental awareness and promote the importance of well-designed physical space in both social and ecological planning. The installations fall into seven areas reflecting the forms and forces of nature and culture in environmental art.

  • Aesthetic Engineering: Spaces Improving an Ecological Problem
  • Movement and Place: Spaces Connecting Community or Family with Nature
  • Ecological Issues: Spaces Spotlighting Ecological Concerns
  • Five Elements: Spaces Depicting Natural Phenomenon or Environmental Concerns
  • Structure and Scale: Spaces Inspired by Nature’s Forms
  • Social/Community Icons: Spaces for Celebration and Play
  • Spiritual Symbolism: Spaces of Ritual and Performance

Nature + Culture: Creating sustainable landscapes that rejuvenate and inspire